=) Did I win?

So, I'm making a blog post! Does this mean I win? ;)

I love hay rides. I hate cold feet. =)

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Wyatt and The Polar-moose


I'm not actually proud of this super short paper, but I needed something to post on my blog.
This paper was written in great haste, and is quite...strange.
I don't usually write like this. This was 100% random. =)

~Wyatt and the carnivorous Polar-moose~

"Wyatt saw the moose through the brush. He walked closer to see what it was doing. The moose was eating a small fox. He thinks to himself how strange this is. Seeing how your everyday moose does not eat meat. This continues to baffle him. So he goes and asks the moose why he is eating the fox. He lifts his chin from the small carcass and moves his lips, but nothing comes out. This confuses Wyatt even more. Wyatt stomps his feet and points to the sky as a giant rock falls to the ground at your feet. "You see that you stupid moose! That's a meteor, and there are going to be alot more falling if you don't start talking!" (You see, Wyatt, is a super human. He can control any element in the world.)
The moose is rather startled and jumps back away from the carcass. "Alright" says the moose, "What do you want me to say again?" Wyatt gives a look of disdain. "You stupid moose, tell me why you are eating a fox!" The moose takes a step closer to Wyatt and says, "You stupid boy, I'm not a moose, I'm a polar bear!" And with that he launches into the air and takes off flying. This leaves Wyatt even more confused."

=) =O =P
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Lyman Lake Memory

I was looking at old pictures. Well, not old pictures, but older. Any way, I came across the pictures from the Lyman Lake trip. None of these pics are mine. It's a combination of Stephen's, Shawn's, and Shawn Roach's. (A friend of ours).

I went through and picked out, what I thought were awesome pictures. The first one is after we got back from the hike. We were all beat. The 6th picture from the top, is hilarious, I think. Chase looks like he is blind with his sunglasses on. Shawn is smoking a cigar. I can't remember if it was a real one, or if it was a stick that he lit on fire. Not sure. =)
And Phil (my cousin) looks like the crazy guy he is. I really like that picture.

The mosquitoes were so bad. They came by the thousands. During the day, when we were at camp, I would go and sit in our tent. Just sitting there...enjoying not having to swat at mozzies. I hated that trip, but also loved it. I know Stephen made a post about this along time ago...but I felt like posting, and this came to mind.

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Will you please "cut" that out? ;)

I've always loved cutting out shapes and making things. Such as characters from cartoons, movies, books, and so forth. I haven't done much of that lately, but I did today and yesterday. =)
I'm planning on making more, but these two had to come first. ;)
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I Just screwed my blog up...

=( I just messed my entire blog up. A life's work down the pipes. ;)
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And I thought I was too old... =)

I never thought I would do one of these again, but here we are.
This one goes out to ALL of you! =) =O =P

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Yo saquƩ una foto =)

I was inspired to take some pictures, and that is what I've done. I didn't have a good opportunity to go shooting somewhere, but I made do with stuff around the house. I also edited some of the pictures on my pc. They aren't much, but I had fun doing it. =) Lot's a mirror stuff.
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